1)  Does Shop For Adoption work with mobile apps?

          Yes.  For purchases with your mobile device you will still need to start at www.shopforadoption.com first.  Once you click on a retailer's link, you should be redirected to that retailers app if it is installed on your device.

2)  Do I need to use the Amazon Home Page link on the homepage of Shop For Adoption every time I make a purchase?

          Yes.  This is how Amazon tracks our sales and commissions.  By taking this one extra step before shopping, you are raising money for adopting families.

3)  Is Shop For Adoption a non-profit?

          No.  All of our profit is donated directly to other non-profits.  Since we do not take donations from our supporters, non-profit status is unnecessary. 

4)  Who is recieving the money Shop For Adoption donates?

          To see the couples we are currently helping, click here.

5)  What percentage of profits does Shop For Adoption donate?

          We give 100% of net profit to groups and programs that help people pay for adoptions.  Net profit means total profit minus operating expenses.  Our web hosting is currently covered, so right now our operating cost is $0.  If we grow big enough to require staff, operating expenses would obviously go up.

6)  Can Shop For Adoption see what I am purchasing?

          Yes and no.  While purchases are visible to Shop For Adoption, private details are not.  We cannot who is buying the products or where they are being shipped.

7)  How can I be sure that my purchases are being credited to Shop For Adoption?

          If you want to confirm that your purchase has been credited to Shop For Adoption, send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page with the name of the product you bought and when it shipped and we will try to find it.

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