Our Adoption Story

          The circumstances leading up to our adoption compose a fairly common story.  But the beginning of our adoption journey, and the adoption itself, were anything but common.  My name is Chad Fisher.  My wife, Stephanie, and I tried to get pregnant for ten years before building up the courage to follow God's lead and start talking about adoption. But it took two very painful events during the first half of 2013 to finally convince us to take the first step.  In January of that year Stephanie's brother was killed by a drunk driver.  A few months later, Stephanie had a full hysterectomy.  The grief that followed these two tragedies forced us to reach out for something positive to hold on to, and we hoped an adoption would be God's answer for our pain.

          In the early spring of 2014, our pastor's wife told us about a one year old boy in her daycare.  The boy was currently living with his aunt and uncle who, having three children of their own, would not be able to keep him much longer.  We didn't see how it could work out for us since we hadn't completed our foster license yet, and we knew that the county would first be seeking other family members to take the boy.

          This is where it got interesting.  When we learned the names of the couple who were caring for him, we realized we had met them twice before.  Once, almost a year earlier at our pre-adoption class, and also a year before that at a service project.  Because of those two meetings, we happened to already have their names and phone number written down on a folder . . . somewhere.  We talked it over for a couple weeks, and then finally decided to take a chance and call them.

          We decided that our desire was to adopt a child out of foster care, which would require us not only to go through the adoption process, but also to become licensed foster care providers.  That meant a lot more meetings and paperwork, and after starting the process, we found that our grief was just too much to overcome; the adoption process stalled for almost six months.  Then something remarkable happened, and we were set on a path that would remind us to always trust in God to provide for us more than we can imagine for ourselves.

          So we dug out the old folder, dialed the number, and then got our next surprise.  They had just been thinking about calling us!  Now, even though we knew we were a long way from actually getting involved, we started to let ourselves open up to the idea.  During the conversations that followed, we found out that the boy's grandparent's attended our church, which seemed like another interesting conincidence.  But then we learned that his county social worker was Steph's volleyball coach in college! That was one "coincidence" too many and we decided that we would allow ourselves to get involved in whatever way God asked of us from that point on.

          Because the county was still looking for family members to take the boy, the only way we could be involved was if the family invited us to a family decision meeting.  His aunt and uncle did just that, and ultimately the family asked us to take him.  Our social worker finished our licensing just in time, and during the next six months we worked with his birth parents and the county as they worked at reunification.  We came to like his parents, which of course made our position very difficult at times.  In the end, however, they chose to terminate their rights and let us adopt him.  In doing so, they gave us the greatest gift of our lives - a son.  Our son!

          On April 15th, 2015, we adopted Langley Eugene Matthew Fisher.  We have a great relationship with his grandparents, whom he sees every week at church, and we are still occassionally in touch with his birth parents as well.  We feel blessed beyond words to have him in our lives, and we want to share our joy with as many other adoptive families as we can.  While every adoption story is different, they all have one thing in common - HOPE!  And that's always a good thing.